The other day I had occasion to consider what we take for granted. I was in NYC with my Dad and a friend, and we were stuck in traffic. Far from being annoyed, as most people in our situation might be, my Dad was actually delighted.

My first instinct was to scoff at that, and then I gave it some thought.

We don’t drive into NYC all that often, and whenever we’re there, he acts as if he’s seeing it for the first time, all over again. My Dad loves a “road trip,” however short it may turn out to be. Getting stuck in traffic is all right by him, because he gets to take in the majesty of the city, to allow his eyes to linger on buildings that otherwise might have been a blur to us.

Guess what happened? I ended up feeling grateful for the traffic also. We are so conditioned to have a sense of urgency about everything, that we often lose moments which we could savor.

Next time you’re in traffic; don’t get mad. Look around, and perhaps you’ll see something that makes you reflect and appreciate the moment.