In this season of giving, many people want to make people aware of events that they have going on. In the spirit of giving, here’s an excerpt of the These are 3 ways to promote an event without spending too much money, especially if it is for a charitable endeavor.

3 Big Do’s

  1. Create an event with your personal Facebook account, and ask friends to like and share it. This is limited visibility, but a lot more than you have now.
  2. Create a semi-personal presence with a “personal” page for this effort. You can add administrators to help moderate the event for you…help duplicate yourself.
  3. Preferably, create a business page. If you don’t know how, or cannot afford professional help to do so, that can be a future goal. A business page gives you more options in terms of how many people Facebook will allow you to reach in their feeds.

One Big Don’t

Boosting posts are a money maker – for Facebook. It is generally not worth the money in terms of how much it costs to reach an individual. There are much cheaper ways to leverage Facebook’s auction algorithm in your favor, once you have a regular page and business page.

If Facebook thinks you don’t have the “Know, Like & Trust” (KLT) factor, any ad spend will cost you dearly. However, if you do it in the right order, Facebook will charge other people more to show their ads, and instead charge you less because what you’re showing is more relevant aka, makes more money for them.