Trump’s win has set many people’s teeth on edge, and not simply because of superficial reasons.

I was encouraged by one of the more level-headed journalists I’ve heard in recent days said. @Milbank said: If he has a #failed #presidency, we have a failed #country. Click To Tweet

Let’s not allow anyone to make this country fail. Yes, some mean-spirited and small-minded Republicans wished for President Obama to fail, and worked tirelessly against that. However, now that the shoe is on the other political foot, it makes no sense to likewise wish a pox upon the Republicans.

I was born in a country where once someone is elected President, opposing parties have little say, and little hope until it’s their turn. This is not the case here in America. However bad one administration may be, there remains lots of work for the other side to redress the wrongs.

You can #change things, but you have to be #committed. Like it is a job. Click To Tweet

Some protests have erupted since Trump since the nomination. People have that right under the constitution. I would also caution people to not lump peaceful protesters with vandals and other criminals. It’s just like when people who were protesting against police brutality, were lumped in with people who were anti-police.

Let’s not be intellectually disingenuous and consider them one and the same. The media only wants to portray the worst of liberals and the worst of conservatives. Reasonable people have to take the lead, and here’s how.


Do you think that Hillary not getting elected is a setback for women? Then put the focus of the young women in your life on the 4 women of color who are now United State Senators. Then work with the League of Women Voters, and start educating and registering women in your community.

Remind your fellow citizens to vote in school board elections and the like. Put a time on your calendar to visit the state capital and watch how the sausage is made. Ask questions. Be curious.

The Decline of the American Worker

That decline can also be seen as outsourcing. Many engineers like myself, have seen an erosion of the US-based workforce. Even if we are not directly affected by it, it seems to be an irreversible trend.

It doesn’t matter how many graduate and post-graduate degrees or years of experience you have. Not being able to be conversant in, say, angular.js, may mean that you’re irrelevant to some employers.


Are you concerned about how White Evangelicals backed Trump who now claims to be pro-life? Some Black Evangelicals are upset that their fellow Christians don’t seem to understand that “law and order” is a decades-old, southern strategy dog whistle.

If that’s your issue, don’t hide your head in the sand, and isolate yourself. Like @AJ2kingdom, start dialogues with people you consider brothers and sisters in Christ. Click To Tweet


Are you upset that you a woman who posed nude is now about to be our First Lady? Do you recall when Michelle Obama was criticized for wearing sleeveless dresses? Then it is not time to cast aspersions on Melania.

Some of the same people complain about the “slut-shaming” of women who want to express their sexuality as they see fit.

Yes, we all know that Michelle Obama would never get anywhere close to the White House if there existed a nude picture of her anywhere. But let’s not look for equivalency in the race to the bottom. People will shrug off instances of what used to bother them when something else better suits their fancy.

Trump and Bullies

Do you think that it’s now open season for bullies? Then teach your kids that the world is unfair. There is always someone, by virtue of their birth, their money, or their gender who get away with something. Teach them to shine their light to overcome the darkness.

By the same token, Melania will have her hands full to try and reform someone who has been the ultimate model for bullies.

Something Else

Trump is a deeply-flawed man, and some of the ideas he flirted with are outright dangerous. Despite his not having won the popular vote, he won enough electoral college votes to become president. Both Republicans and Democrats have had centuries to remove the Electoral College system. Yet, they always defer to the Founding Fathers on this one.

At my age, I’ve lived long enough to have made a lot of mistakes. I’ve also lived long enough to realize that, at times, I’ve spent way too much time mourning lost opportunities.

No one has the right to tell someone how to mourn, or how long to mourn. As a country, we will be ok. In the process, some eggs will be broken to make that omelet, and we can’t be callous to people’s pain. Once you emerge from this fog, use some of these strategies to make something positive out of this situation.