I love productivity tools, and you will love this one! There are few things that make me happier, work-wise than to find a nifty tool that is useful, free/low cost.

In many companies, regardless of the job you have, you constantly deal with a lot of information. Sometimes that data is not in a format that is particularly useful for you, and neither are the tools you use for navigating that data.

There are companies hawking things to entrepreneurs left and right, and sometimes their value is very limited.  It seems that sometimes those tools are designed just to make money, and require tons of time to watch how-to videos before you can get anything useful out of them. This is not one of those tools – it respects your time!

Productivity Delivered

That’s why I’m so happy to share something that meets all the happy dance criteria. And the tool is… www.pdftables.com! What’s so cool about it?

  • It’s free for the first 50 pages
  • There’s no sign-up required to try it
  • The conversion displays on the same screen
  • Then with one click, save as a multi-page excel sheet, multi-page excel sheet, a CSV, or XML document.

Here’s how it works. After you click upload pdf, it automatically converts it on the same screen. Then only one more click to decide what format in which to download. That’s it!

Cloud or On-Premise for Enterprises

There’s also a business version of it. There are so many applications for this: whether you work as a project manager, in a financial services company, in an insurance company, if you’re in sales, if you work in the medical field.

This is a great tool, and its simplicity has won me over.


The icing on the cake for a few people would be that the company behind the tool has decided to allow developers to leverage it even more.

They make an API available, that you can plug into your existing data operations work. It supports the major programming and scripting languages, and can be a great tool in almost any development shop.

Found it useful?

Try it out and leave a comment about how you like it.