Gratefulness is something that we should practice on a regular basis. Sometimes we seek for something more than what we have to be happy.

Instead, let’s look all all that we have now, both people and resources, and express our gratitude for them.


Count your Blessings

The more stress you experience, the more you should count your blessings and bring your mind back to a proper place

Remember the last time someone expressed their appreciation for you? Go out and make one person’s day today: cards, flowers, text, or even a handwritten letter “just because.”


Gratefulness – Spread it Around

Its easy enough to celebrate the milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. It’s even sweeter when the gesture is unexpected.

In this season, many people experience heaviness because the approaching holidays remind them of those they have lost.

An unexpected surprise can cheer them up, and especially if it is meaningful.