It’s my birthday! With that comes a few reflections about my past, where I am in life now, and where I envision myself in the future.


If you live for any significant amount of time on this earth, you realize how much you are blessed, regardless of how much you’ve consciously done for yourself.

i inherited a great sense of compassion from my parents and grandparents. Their work ethic is something that is as strong as ever, and that’s quite a feat to try to replicate.

I’m grateful for the rest of my family and friends who have my back. I feel privileged to have had some stellar colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs in my work life.


After a period in my life when I used to agonize over all my past mistakes, it suddenly dawned on me that i was wasting a lot of present energy on things I could not change. As the saying goes, the past was robbing me of present joy.

With that, I decided there and then to minimize the time I spend on regret. I realized that I should repurpose my time to recognize and take advantage of new opportunities life was offering me at any given time.

It made a big difference in my disposition. I started feeling like I had a new lease on life. It made my wins all the sweeter, while allowing me to take my mistakes in stride, and moving past them.

Birthday Wishes…For Myself

  1. Better self-care, in every respect – escape more often from the rigid to-do list.
  2. More resolve – tough times don’t last forever, but tough people can outlast the tough times.
  3. More humility – trusting oneself is important, provided that you you don’t get trapped in the echo chamber of your mind.
  4. More kindness – sometimes being plain-spoken can come across as plain mean.
  5. More sleep, now that election season is coming to a close.