Gem alert! I have had the opportunity to travel a LOT for my consulting work. Here’s a great spot I found today while attending this year’s Asbury Agile Conference. For my recap on the conference itself, take a look at the Devops Advisors blog.

Gem Reveal

In addition to being walkable a distance from the ocean, the panoramic views of the city are impressive from almost any floor on the property. The staff is very accommodating, from the lot attendants all the way up. They were very proud of showing off the cool features of the hotel while giving me a private tour.

TAH Double Vanity

TAH Double Vanity

Some rooms are hostel-style, with 4 or 8 bunk beds (quad and onto rooms). The individual price comes out to about $75 per occupant. While that may seem like too many people in one room, the property has really done a great job of maximizing the space.

They use premium elements, and otherwise delighting the eye wherever it lands. Most bathrooms are in the style of a water closet, and the shower features a rainfall head.

What I didn’t like…

The one complaint I will lodge is that there are no toilet seat covers in the public bathrooms. That’s a no-no in my book. They went the extra mile to get high-end Dyson hand dryers. They have cool sink hardware, and and other amenities. How could they have missed the toilet seat covers? That said, the public stalls that I saw were all up to par otherwise.

Without further ado…

Enjoy these videos at The Asbury Hotel.