How man career paths will you have? According to Carla Harris, it could be as many as five! How will you know that it’s the right time to make a move?

I recently saw a very short, but impactful, interview where her advice was aimed at millenials. However, if you are older, and or/own a business, this can apply to you also.


What did I get out of this job?

If you have more to learn stay; if you have learned all you could, then move along.

This can also apply to business, as the offerings of yesterday may have ever shrinking ROI. Don’t be a

Don’t be a slave to what you’re an expert in. Look for opportunities to grow.


Evaluate the House

If opportunities still exist in your company, in your industry, or in your target niche, go for those. Otherwise, seek greener pastures.


Invest in the Power of Relationships

Someone has got to know you in order to help take you to the next level. This is true at all stages of life and career.


Embrace Risks

There used to be a day that information was gated…no more.

In order to progress, you have to accept change. Risk-taking is the new differentiatior.