Do you wonder if the feeling is mutual in some of your relationships?

Sometimes in life, one thing leads to another, and we wonder how we ended up where we are.  Feelings are important, especially if there is a personal relationship, but here, I am talking about reciprocation of any sort between people or entities.

Are you in a relationship, personal or otherwise, that frustrates you more than it fortifies you? Successful relationships are not based on keeping score; however, if you feel that you’re always doing the heavy lifting, there may be cause for concern.


Is the Feeling Mutual? Take this Quiz!

  1. Does the other side respond to your needs at a much slower pace than you respond to theirs?
  2. Do you feel pressure to say, “Yes” because the request appears worthy?
  3. Are your feelings minimized instead of acknowledged?
  4. Are you always the one caving in to avoid disagreements?
  5. Is there a recurring pattern at an attempt to intimidate you?

Don't dim your light!

If any or all of these points resonate with you, too, it’s time to re-evaluate whether and how to move forward.

How to make Things Right

  1. Take time to reflect and to process your thoughts. As a fellow entrepreneur cautioned me, sometimes you need to “relearn your value.”
  2. Find a good listener. They may not necessarily have advice, but sometimes hearing yourself talk tends to reframe your thoughts more objectively.
  3. Move forward strategically. There is no shame in changing your mind, if you can make lemonade out of lemons. But be careful to not fall into the same traps again.
  4. Let “no” or “let me think about it” be your default answer. It is not uncharitable to take time to consider how requests for your time, emotions, talents will impact you first.
  5. If you are prone to find yourself in such situations, make it a point to have a recurring date on your calendar to review your and rebalance your commitments.

This blog entry is as much for me, as for anyone else who may find it beneficial. Certain things, like prioritizing yourself and your family should always be a given. Some people who are religious may include that on that priority list.

Everything else is up for debate, as to whether they should be in your life at all, including how much of yourself that you wish to give. If, in spite of your best efforts, things don’t work out, flush that thing out of your life. Reclaim your time for efforts that are worthy of you.