The world just received an extra dose of awesomeness.

Last May, the New York Chapter of Girl Develop It (GDI) announced an upcoming meetup that would offer the chance for participants to learn to build an app using’s (SFDC) technology.

The training was led by the fabulous Mary Scotton, whose name is synonymous with SFDC, as far as the developer community is concerned.

Among all the educational outlets available, GDI has been a long-standing Рand some would say, outstanding Рmember of the tech community in New York.

I have always observed a commitment from SFDC community, particularly to women. This partnership makes me excited for the people I know that may want to explore new career options.

Imagine it: a day-long training session for on $65. This means that just about anyone could afford to have a shot at a life-changing opportunity.

Now a new partnership will continue these pilot programs available in 4 upcoming cities:

  1. Denver
  2. Chicago
  3. Atlanta
  4. Minneapolis
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Los Angeles
  7. San Francisco



Kudos to both organizations for making this happen!