Hilton has done it again…But here’s some background as to why it’s special.

While some hotel chains offer mobile check-in, it tends to be more beneficial for them than for the guest. It alleviates the work of the front desk; you can get to your room faster; at the end of your stay, you can also opt to check-out via mobile. But that’s about where the excitement ends. You get a room with a minimum of fuss.

However, if you have certain preferences , if a better room is available (or about to be available), or if the same type of room is available on a better floor or wing of the hotel, you miss out on all of that. This is why, despite the enticement of extra points as inducement, I rarely choose mobile check-ins. Not to mention that it’s also a time to catch up with the staff of places where I have had frequent stays. The human interaction while traveling for work can make it less daunting and tedious.

Hilton has managed to make that mobile experience far better. It started some time two years ago, with a limited number of properties. I was happy that one of the properties I frequented was on that list. The mobile app displays a floormap and available rooms at each level. Until your official check-in time actually arrived, you can change your mind, depending on availability. Now, Hilton is adding in Google Maps, so that you can better imagine the type of view your room offers.

Giving travelers additional choices is a great move on their part, especially since they are expanding it to all properties by the end of summer. Kudos for Hilton for offering a meaningful perk to their loyal customers; hopefully their competitors will follow suit.